4/2018 One Buck, Sculpture Gardern, Artexpo New York 2018, Pier 94, NYC

12/2018 Buddha Lotus, Beijing Poly Fall Auction 2018 Show, China Agriculture Exhibition Center (中国农展馆), Beijing China

4/5/2015 “(un)SCENE Art Show” NYC

2/2/2014  “Total Talent International” Show at BELSKIE Museum of Art

2/8/2013 –3/8/2-013 “Gong Xi Fa Cai” Solo Show, Song Gallary, Chelsea, New York

12/21/2012-2/20/2013 “The First Contemporary Art Weibo Exhibition” Songzhuang Art Center (宋庄美术馆), Beijing China           

11/2/2012-11/4/2012 “Art China 2012”, China Agriculture Exhibition Center (中国农展馆), Beijing China

9/18/2012 – 9/30/2012 “Art Is Capital”, East Asia Bank Beijing Center (东亚银行北京分行), Beijing China

1994 Shi Cun Solo show

8/1994 IT Park Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan

7/1994 Up Gallery, Kaoshuing, Taiwan

1993 Group Show

Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr, Scotland

Gottingen City Hall, Gottingen, Germany

Grimm-Museum, Kassel, Germany


1992 Group Show

Schwedt Gallery, Oder, Germany

Rosenthal Theater, Selb, Germany

Gallerie IX Atelier, Berlin, Germany

1991  “Open Window”, New York City                    

1990 Group Show

"Positive Actions: Aids Timeline”, The Clocktower, NYC

"Dia De Los Muertos", Alternative Museum, Manhattan                                               

1989 Group Show

Wellspring Group Show, Kenkeleba Gallery, NYC

Art Studio Group Show, Phoenix Gallery, NYC

Juried Rye Art Show, Westchester, New York

1988 Group Show

Harrison Public Library, Westchester, New York

Sabrina Fung Gallery, New York, NY

Art Studio Club, Manhattan

Recipient of the Art Studio Club Scholarship